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The Messianic movement has been around for some time in the United States, so who are the money changers & profiteers?
There are humans in this movement who are trying to live in accordance with Scripture, but there are many oustanding actors as well using what is to come in accordance with Scripture, hence bringing people in. Are these actors just using some of the oldest tried and proven methods of building man's churches by giving you hope about something that people have been guessing about for years, and years and in return you will be making them wealthy? Why do so many within this movement only give fake PR & info about their seemingly righteous ways, but with real observance and testing their ways up against Scripture, even the blind can see their corruptness?

Doing it for the reasons you may think, or just another one of man's religions taking opportunity to profit/gain and/or control?
Are there Zionism connections?
Are some within this "cult", as some people refer to them, connected with the first fake peace that is to come?

We came across 2 business building man's religions located in the bible belt of East TN - controlled by Mathew Thomas (heroin boy) Miller & controlled by Gordon (plausible deny-ability, prideful) Shell. Miller has big money property investors who use the Messianic movement to further their greed into other lands. Shell has difficulty being righteous and camouflages his life of evil with having a business -  - that profits by helping further evil ways of paganism and unrighteousness with a sceen printing business.

Sadly enough, these beings make as the "" wrong promoters.

We'll keep you informed.

Pray for & help those such as these with understanding the harm they do to those seeking our Creators Truth, those that call out & ways for humans.

Study & follow Scripture, not versions thereof nor man's misleading ways.

Know the real truth. Do not be a fool! Resist the frauds!

 "The Houseless" times ago with little to no real system of "HELP".

 "The Houseless"then

"Houseless" times past

Today, multitudes of "HELP" business & man's churches exist, all getting funds and/or perks via the system of "Help", yet poverty is much more prevalent today!




Under bridges



Why are there so many people living on the streets and/or rough in the U.S.A.? WHY?

Why does the American system of "Help" & the system of man's religions only seem to "PIMP" those of poverty?

Is it due to profit/gain and/or control?

For more coverage on this issue go here:

Some info we will be bringing your way:

The food pantry supply chain scheme such as Food Link and Second Harvest Food Bank, Political ties? Do you know that Food Link gives food from China and Vietnam? That they give food with labels which would in no way be acceptable in a free market society. Do you know that Food link give out food that is on the hit list of leading health advocates? What is being given out at pantries may feed some now, but the cost will continue in other areas for years! Just wait!


The business of religion and the so called non-profits - the 501(c)3 put on.

It is ALL FOR PROFIT people, so come to know the hows, whys and for whats.


Not discussed NWO agenda factors that do and will affect you - willing or unwillingly.


The work/travel - J1 - and legal agricultural worker - H2-A - visa programs, and how you are a prisoner, And, the 501 (c) 3, not for profit sham using your tax dollars for services citizens have to fight for. It is a BILLION dollar industry right under your noses and not talked about. Out of work or in need of a job and can not find one? They are there, but it may just be you have the wrong zip code! We will expose the Dept. of State legal visa worker sham where your tax dollars are used to fund those connected with the NWO. Services such as free legal and medical are funded by your tax dollars for foreign workers to come here and take jobs. Having difficulty with getting or needing legal and/or medical assistance? Maybe if you change your zip code you would get better help. We will bring you the TRUTH of a network of 501 (c) 3 organizations sucking down your tax dollars. So whether out of work, looking for work or just wondering how you can pay for your kids tuition, this will be a MUST READ!


Slavery is not abolished - just took a new form - and how it affects you.
Is Obama just another slave master? 
 Who does he cater to? 
Who does he serve?

Here are some links to sites that may serve to be of interest:

Video warning of The False Armageddon
video warning

warning documentary Zeitgeist Moving Forward (2011)


about  manipulation of the people of world

warning about those changing the truth in scripture

For our Romanian brothers & sisiters:

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and more to come!
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We are his children; come to know of this.

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We have now been able to work on the website in effort to bring you what is sometimes hiding right before you. All sorts of groups, governments, organizations and even individuals are competing to gain your dedication away from our Creators TRUTH these days, so become AWARE and stay ALERT!

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Been wanting to learn Hebrew? Want to learn more about the way the Torah was written in the early days? Modern Hebrew today is different than that of early Hebrew script -
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We all have and/or will come across those representing themselves as "peace" promoters. Most of the time, they refer to themselves as "peace activist", but what is really their game? Check back for an EXPOSING and REVEALING account of one mans interacting with those calling themselves "peace activist".

Thieves, evil doers, unlimited malice, drug usage, deceit, trickery, profiteering ...!

Concepcion_Piciotto-Liar, fraud, hater

Ellen_Benjamin_Thomas-Liberal_Deceiver, Illegal_ Drug_Abuser

Concepcion Picciotto including William Thomas Hallenbeck's wife, Ellen Benjamin Thomas and others affiliated and/or associated with the White House 24 hour vigil took advantage of my kindness, skills and situation with being forced houseless with using and abusing me for their own agendas. What happens when you are willing to separate yourself from their hold can be told of these "piece activist" as being violent, nasty, with malice and just plain evil - to name some of what to expect. Names, situations, details and supported facts coming your way. There is just so much from doing the righteous in accordance with Scripture only to be horribly treated. My understanding of Yahu'Shuah HaMashiach grows greater with understanding hos he was so wrongly treated, yet of no wrong. I am not as such!

Follow here:

Some info has already been posted here:

Those residing at 1233 12th street, NW, DC, Concepcion Picciotto, Ellen Benjamin Thomas and others kept and keep property NOT THEIRS. Do not let their empty words and false actions fool you! This is Stephen's Buggee, Trek bicycle and his property that Concepcion Picciotto and others took part in stealing. There is more! The Buggee and more survived over a 400 mile journey only to be abused and stolen by these ? calling themselves "peace activist", but remember they are actually "piece activist".

A note of AWARENESS: These "peace activist" can simply be known as the term sounding the same, but with a different spelling and meaning which is, "piece activist". Yes that is correct, piece. They bring forth one sided awareness to steer you towards their agenda. The agenda is to sell you into wind and solar. Yes, they are positioned to make a load of CASH from it, so become AWARE and stay ALERT!

If they were really the deal they present to others, then how, why and are they of evil actions, words and so forth? WELL? I will be bringing to you my time with these which cost me greatly in more ways then one.


Another supporter of Ellen Benjaimn Thomas, Concepcion Picciotto, the "piece activist" and frauds promoting moral decay and evil is James Edward McGinley


If you go about McPherson Square, the US Capital and/or the White House, you may notice a man who displays images of crosses and words about his face and forehead. He likes to refer to himself as "start loving", yet seems to not live it since he abandoned his child and has strong ties with the USA military industrial complex, as well as, what Scripture warns us about. This one is surly a tricky one, to stay clear! You have been warned!


Concerning a nasty plot that US Park Police found real concern to look into with respect to those about 1233 12th street, NW, DC,  The White House vigil,, Freedom Plaza - Occupy2011 and those affiliated with OccupyDC follow here: